Saturday, March 10, 2007

Kids safety first

Martial arts professional Coordinator Mick Cutajar played host to teaching a kids judo program at the University of Wollongong.

A "'kids judo" program was designed to give kids the knowledge in stranger danger and self defence, whilst lowering obesity, increasing motivation and social interaction with others.

I was pleased with the out come kids aged from 5 to 15 numbering between 35 and 50 took part in the program which the UOW had set up over the holidays to give kids something to do that is very useful, sports judo was one of the 9 programs that took place over 21days.
My service is aiding in dealing with anti social behaviours, obesity and stranger danger. Kids that start school for the first time or had encountered trouble before could complete this program and give them confidence to handle any situation.

Kids judo has been apart of the school education system for almost 50yrs in countries such as England, china, Japan, and Korea.

Sports judo is not linked to one persons size, height, weight or sex, Its all about the individual trying to learn something new that is instructional learning.
The biggest problem for mums and dads is finding a sports that had the right formula to deliver a self-defence which had NO strikes of any kind, so this meant sports judo was school friendly.
Judo is an Olympic sport the very roots of judo are to allow one to demobilize any attack by using counters, with throws, sweeps and take downs, judo lowers obesity levels and increases fitness.

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