Friday, March 09, 2007

Prison on release

After watching the ABC 4corners host a glimpse on the release of 3 males who were released to the real world, with a view that these guys would not return to prison brought back some sad moments in my life.

I was a first time offender, I owned my own company, employed staff, and was a successful athlete, (lucky it was martial arts). going to prison was bad enough, (3yrs) there was heaps of fights stabbing bad bushing's bad rapes, and several hangings, this was a wild wild world one could only adapt or become a victim, yes I did defend myself and others were badly injured, this included stabbing another person (his crime was sexual against another child to me he deserved it). In my three yrs I had lost common emotions, in away that the norm did not apply.

Now come time for release, I was not shown how to deal with the re-entry into the real world, an example: going to the shop and using a card to pay for food, this simple task had sent me over the hill, I went to prison with always having money in my hand, yet here I was 3yrs later & I had to ask my unity to help me pay for food at woollies, to most this is a joke, but people must understand the norm will not ever count in jail, and yes still to this day being in crowed places I start to feel like a knife is going to come through the crowd, and I am on edge all the time.

I will advise of other points but this story took me, in general a person released from prison will return if the "norm needs are not updated and safely Incorporated into general living.

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