Monday, August 20, 2007

The Grapple tackle

The Grapple Tackle

We have all heard about it, and know of its dangers it presents not only to the sport of rugby league in general but the significant injury that a player can obtain from the incorrect method of tackling or grappling a player to the ground can be irreversible and career ending. But sadly the world of Rugby League has given a professional art a bad name due to its incorrect methods for educating players who want to learn the art of grappling for a style of defensive play in a modern game. As a professional athlete and sports coach this up sets me, and we need to get the grappling story right.

Times have changed we all can accept this challenge into the new level of defensive play, however if this incorrect method is not corrected by professionals we will see more and more young players retiring from graded footy at the ripe old age of 25-27. Gone are the days of the classic tackle.

There needs to be changes and it needs to start at the local footy club, in the schools where players are most likely selected for rep games, with this intervention then comes development and a safer game, however, its time to look beyond the footy field and adopt a new safe easy to learn method for bringing a player to the ground that has been used long before Rugby League started. If clubs and schools want to enhance the method of tackling a player (now known as grappling) and reduce the likely hood of seriously sustaining any injury, they should look to a professional grappler who has specifically been training in the art of brining a player to the ground safely and is recognised by the Australian Sports Commission (ASC).

As a professional athlete and Sports coach (recognised by the ASC) I have not only played Rugby League since I was 6 as most of us have (this included Illawarra and state level as a amateur and also included a run with the South Sydney Rabbits juniors) but I have in the past been employed to re-educate and retrain players and teams the more safer method of defensive play that was safe an acceptable to the playing standards of today’s demands on young footballers.

I have had 33 years experience at grappling or taking players down to the ground, I have represented Australia & Malta at National & International level and I’m currently trailing for the 2008 Judo Olympic team, to take it further I have been selected in the Elite training Camp at the Australian Institute of Sport from 23-30th of August to again fine tune my methods of grappling and taking players down.

My Business partners and I have a simple system of defensive training that is available to all players, and will demonstrate a concern for attacking points that can be used in all levels of game plan (not just to the big teams), not to mention the cut back on leave from player associated with injury which may have been caused from an incident, thus keeping players on the field longer. New improved scientific techniques for a safer defence play.

Learn (take-downs as a new form of safe tackling, take-downs that slow the play down, wrap around take-downs that save tries and finally reduce the risk of injury by safely break falling, shoulder rolling, backward rolling. Now you do not get this level of grappling knowledge from your every day rugby league coach or trainers, you do not obtain this level of knowledge from people who are not professional who are not in the art of judo or grappling and more importantly the knowledge is not obtained from one session, its an art and it needs to be professionally delivered.

If your school or club would like more information and be prepared for the next season you can contact us on 0412729938, we will assist you and your players.