Sunday, June 17, 2007


A great opportunity is on offer to any business or company big or small from any part of the globe to take advantage of this special offer and receive HUGE advertisement publicity on a scale not seen before for your business or company.

What I require:

I am looking for assistances in the form of financial, this will b
e used to pay for the publishing and licensing fee charged to print and publish a book on AMAZON, one of the world's leading book distributor.The Book size will be 8.25inch wide by 10.75 inch height, I will be offering spaces to business or company to have there logo on the back of the book from size of a whole page to 2 inch square. Now consider the target there are over 8million judo players alone world wide not even considering the other martial arts code and persons of general interest that will purchase this training manual, that is a huge target that will see your logo.

The Book

The sponsorship of my textbook called “My Judo [counters & combinations]” will be the latest training manual of its kind to hit the martial arts world as one of the most comprehensive detailed training manual ever written with over 350pages, with over 2700 black and white photos that will guide and teach any person from beginner to elite on counters and combinations. I have made it possible for you to know counters and
combinations for every throw in the Judo Gokyo No-Waza, with some extra technique's not normally used and even placing 4 and 5 counters & combinations for some throws. We have placed photos in a step by step format with text under each photo that is easy and simple to follow. You will never fail a grading again due to lack of counters or combinations knowledge once you have obtained this book. My Judo has taken 11 years to put together, this has included many hours of testing many hours of trial and error in contests and many hours to put the photos in place for you to follow.

I have been lucky enough to work with a team of professionals who have taken the time out from their families and work to make sure that this book had all the right finishing touches to take to the highest level that is simple to follow.

You the sponsor would receive worldwide advertisement for life, as the book can be ordered via the internet through Amazon internet ordering system. I have been speaking to a representative of Amazon who are the world leaders in distribution of books world wide, again considering that there are over 8million judo players world wide that is a huge
target that will see your logo.

Sensei Mr Henry LewistonGo Dan. Founder & head Coach of the Berkeley judo Club.
I am positive that what you are about to read will be of the utmost importance to your futu
re career in Judo. Not only from a competitor's point of view but also from an instructor's aspect. The book itself follows religiously to the teachings of the great architect of Judo, 'Jigaro Kano'. The Master always tried to expand a Judoka's education and encouraged his students to apply their own minds to inventing new moves and counter moves. I take pride in the fact that I was and still am Michael Cutajar's mentor. A Judoka of the highest caliber and the wonderful record of contest victories in all the Martial arts that he has achieved. I believe he has become an extremely accomplished teacher always adhering to the Master's moral principles and thus turning out students of the highest standard. It only remains for me to congratulate Michael on a job well done with regards to his first book. I am sure there will be more to follow.
Sensei Mr. Bruce Fagon. Go Dan. Founder & Head coach of the Bushido judo club,the 1992Olympic Games Judo Coach. 1990 Commonwealth Games Judo

I have known Michael for many years, and have seen his commitment to judo and other martial arts in which he gives one hundred percent, this would possibly relate more to the sport of Judo where Michael first started this form of martial arts. Michael has achieved great heights in Judo. He is one of the most motivated persons in Judo that I have ever met in my traveling the world on the international judo scene for 35 years. Michael has had problems in the political arena, unfortunately this reflects on those that are at odds with him about the sport that he has committed himself to and they have not.Michael’s new venture is to write this book about Judo. It is interesting reading if you compete or teach in the sport of judo. Michael is very conscious of his physical being so he can still compete. This is only done with a lot of commitment and a desire to achieve, and that is the nature of the man.

Sensei Mr. Terry Riches. Rank rokudan (6th). Founded the Australian Traditional Judo Renmei 1990, president of the NSW Kodokan Judo Association 2002,Vice President of the Australian Kodokan Judo Association.Senior grading examiner the NSWKJA, competed for AKJA in Osaka International open gaining a bronze medal..

I have known Mick for a number of years now, and know him to be one of the most passionate Judoka I have ever known. He has kept that passion for Judo burning despite many obstacles being put in his way from the political Judoka. Mick has a great Judo brain always thinking and experimenting and trying new ideas and concepts. For an under 100kg player Mick is also one of the fittest Judoka I have known and trains all the time. I have had many a great conversation with him on Judo, and can chat about Judo all day long. This book is the accumulation of Mick’s Judo experience and I can thoroughly recommend this book to anyone who are serious about their Judo.

Sensei Mr. Ivan Zavetchanos. 8th Dan Founded Shudokan Judo Academy 1948. (Oldest continuous Club in Australia. Founded Australian Kodokan Judo Association 1981. Co-Founder of Judo federation of Australia 1951. Obtained membership of Australian Olympic Committee 1952. J.F.A. One of 17 founding members of I.J.F. 1952. Founded Oceania Judo Union 1954, accepted by 1956 Paris Congress of I.J.F. as regional body for I.J.F. President J.F.A. 1958-1969. President O.J.U. 1958- 1979. Vice-President I.J.F. 1958-1979. Australian Olympic team manager/coach Tokyo, 1964.

The author, Michael Cutajar has been practicing and competing in Judo for over 30 years and has written this excellent hand book on throws, counters and combinations from his practical experience during those years of very hard practice and competition.Writing a Judo text book is no easy matter, one must be fully versed in the subject and be able to explain the techniques very clearly with no ambiguity for the book to be of value to both beginners and experienced Judoka. While there are a great many Judo books available a lot have only limited value through the authors focusing on a small part of Judo and not doing it very thoroughly. In this book I believe Mr. Cutajar has tried to cover as much as possible in one volume, and I take this opportunity to wish him every success with the venture.


Please if your interested in joining me to present this book to the world contact me on or or call the bat phone asap on 0412729938.

PLEASE pass this on to everyone you know that you think would be interested in this great opportunity.