Saturday, March 15, 2008


In a press release speaking from a dinner function held at Dapto show ground, for the Soccer season opener, attending as a special guest (along with other sporting identity's) and wearing his beloved Rabbits shirt, Mick Cutajar was speaking on the eve of the week he leaves for the Oceania Judo championship, which is held in New Zealand Christchurch march 20th – 23rd, this is a very important event, as this is the final selection to qualify for the 2008 Australian Olympic Judo team, less then 5days away

The past few weeks have been a mixed series of events firstly missing both the Act international & Syd open in February due to illness, training was to continue if he was to make any chances for selection. With a win in last Sundays march 3rd NSW selection event for the Australian Judo Nationals 2008, this was a much needed event to relax and release some tension.

The training is now complete and we will be hoping that a good result will follow, I have been lucky enough to have good people working with me, pushing me and backing me. The professional financial assistance alone has made this final leg worth the hard work, Local companies such as K&R FABRICATION, COASTLINE BRICK LAYING, CBC CONSTRUCTION, ALLMEN INDUSTRIAL & DOWN UNDER SAFETY have opened up the door to what is normally unobtainable, with out them I would not have created history. remember there was a great deal of people who would not even look at me, (now they should be ashamed of them selves) but for the very few and I do mean very few,...a very BIG thank you

The Australian Team has been the strongest its been in years with the inclusion of some very talented athletes, when asked if he knew his opponents ?,

Mick said,."I do know my opponents, VIC Matt Cellotti (current JFA national champion), QLD John Brendecke, NZ, Andrew Pragnell, (current OJU world cup champion & who leads the points for selection), Jason Koster, & Scott Bade, then there will be players from FIJ, Guna, Tonga. It all comes down to winning a medal and hoping that the players from NZ don’t place. All of these guys are professional athletes you just don't take for granted who or what they are, they are here to do the same thing as me,...and thats to qualify. Mick is the current (3 x time Kodokan National champion)

What do I expect?,... The contest level will be very hard and powerful, there will be upsets and triumphs its all apart of the road to the Olympics, each player will have their own story of this road. The past few weeks have been filled with mixed moods, change in sleep patterns, in meals, in my personal life alone I have had to not be the social butterfly I normally am, its been very trying for my family who have had to try to adjust to what its like at this point in time for me, so much has been put on the line.

People are not aware so much can happen for my personal life if I am lucky to succeed and move forward to the next level of my life. Either way I have achieved so much and with this, a lot of support towards getting me to this point.

I have already created Australian history (due to my past) by qualifying for the last major selection in such an event, an event that brings the world as one its an amazing feeing right now, my main job is to qualify the rest will happen I am happy with what i have already completed.

My division will be played on Good Friday, a day after my birthday (25 again) so I hope that its my time

When asked the question of what if,..NO selection!. Well i think we will wait until next Friday, however I will sit down and weigh up what it would be, as far as financial availability for me to contest the 2012, its not out of my reach,... its money thats out of my reach, and look what happen last time i borrowed money when the bank was closed,.what a lesson!...lets face it I'm 39 now, have a look what Ive achieved with limitations, and walls and do gooders trying to stop me.... NOW imagine what i could achieve with full backing for that 2yr period from 2010-2012, I hope that with all that I have achieved that someone or several backers will provide that chance, my past is marketable & with this I can create a future,... but we will wait and see.